Bicycle Built for Two

Two of my lovely friends, Phil and Abbi are getting married next month. They asked me to create a wedding invitation for them that fit who they were as a couple. These two are the most adventurous/outdoorsy people I’ve ever met. I mean for goodness sake they met while working at REI, and their entire wedding party is going to be decked out in Patagonia.

So obviously a bicycle built for two fits them to the T. Did i mention that they will be moving to Nepal after their wedding?

2 responses to “Bicycle Built for Two”

  1. Hannah says:

    i’m really tempted to get married again just so you can make my invitations. have i said this already on some previous internet social networking site? possibly. anyway, when i have a baby, i’m coming to you for baby announcements.

  2. Kim says:

    this is the best wedding invitation i have ever seen. and this is coming from someone who hand-made every single invitation i sent out for my own wedding bc i didn’t like any other…