Christmas, you gnome?

I bet you’ve caught onto the fact that the holidays are rolling around.
Yes, its time for every store in town to go all out with the red and green, the tinsel and candy canes. Who cares that its only thanksgiving right? right….. šŸ˜‰
With that in mind I wanted to let you all know about a colossal holiday sale that i am a part of on December 13th. Its called “crafty wonderland’s colossal holiday sale” i told you it was colossal..
Anyways, I am a big advocate for giving relationally for Christmas, not spending money on something that person will forget in due time.
did you know that we spend on average 450 billion dollars at Christmas and it would only take 10 billion to solve the world’s water crisis? chew on that one for a bit.
anyways back to relational christmas. I love the idea of writing someone you love a letter for christmas. not a “hey how ya doin..” but a “this is who you are to me” i know I would cherish that more that set of ceramic ducks…
i hope people will buy my cards and write those letters, to those they love.
whew. one more thing to tell you, I got into a great store called oblation
really excited to be a part of that store. my husband is to, so much that he embarrassingly took a picture of me in the store.
thanks nate.

anyways, much love xo