Custom Family Portrait GIVEAWAY!

How about a little family love to go on your wall? I’m giving away one custom family portrait!

To enter this giveaway:

1) Leave a comment below with something quirky about your family. I’m looking forward to reading these :)

2) For a second chance to win, share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and leave a second comment telling where you linked (FB or Twitter.)

Three winners chosen at random, giveaway ends Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at midnight EST.

29 responses to “Custom Family Portrait GIVEAWAY!”

  1. ooo fun! Something quirky?? We spend more in dog food each year than we do in human food.

  2. April says:

    Quirky… Our almost 2 year old would rather eat seaweed and kimchi than mashed potatoes and chicken. Us adults might too… :)

  3. April says:

    Shared on Facebook. Even though it will reduce my chances of winning…. 😉

  4. When I was pregnant, I cringed at the thought of dressing my twins the same. Now when we’re going somewhere public like the Saturday Farmer’s Market, I always put them in identical clothing. Otherwise I would have fifty people in a row stop me to ask if they’re twins. This way, people smile, say, “Cute twins!” and just keep walking.

  5. Amanda Bohle says:

    A quirky thing about our family? We lived in a college freshman dorm for the past 4 years. Thankfully we got out of them before having our first baby! :)

  6. Shandell says:

    Quirky= my husband an Instagram account devoted to quotes from our oldest son @kaithoughts haha

  7. Amy J. says:

    I shared this on facebook because I think you are the best!

  8. Krys says:

    Our Quirky family.. oh so much could be said, but let’s see. How about the fact that our “family” includes a crazy dog, two cats, and seven chickens?!

  9. Heidi says:

    The only quirk I can think about right now is that we take our young daughter on long road trips over the summer since my husband is a teacher. Once we drove from Seattle straight home to San Diego in 22 hours because we didn’t want to stop at a motel and our daughter was chill :)

    Fun question!

  10. Allison says:

    We met in the Sahara desert, fell in love in St. Mark’s Square, and got engaged on a Chinese island.

  11. Leslie says:

    Hmmm. Good question! We rarely use our actual names. My husband and I call each other “Dear” (unless we’re fighting – ha!) and we have tons of nicknames for our kids!

  12. We are both from different states (CO and TN), but love living in where we met (MA)…odd because both CO and TN have better weather and are more naturally beautiful than MA :)

  13. The quirkiest thing that I can think of about our family is that my husband and I sing to our son every morning when he wakes up (“Rise and Shine”). My husband often supplements our standby song with new songs that he makes up about our son, our cat, or me. Both my husband and my son are morning people (and I am not!) so the silly songs help get my morning off to a good start.

  14. Shared on Facebook. Thanks for the chance!

  15. Christen says:

    Quirky? We have dance parties multiple times a day…

  16. Christen says:

    posted on facebook. :)

  17. Katie says:

    Last night I was trying to round my children up for bed but Josh had launched into a long explanation on why Moby Dick is a work of literary genius-and somehow my 4 and 1 year old were enraptured by this. Eliza thought about going to sleep with a copy of the book but instead decided to take the Handbook of Pediatric Dosing-yep a pharmacy manual was her preferred bedtime story. That’s not quirky at all, right?

  18. Katie says:

    Shared on facebook. Another quirky comment-yesterday Eliza tells me, “Mom, I just want to hug you forever. But I better hurry up because you are getting old fast!”

  19. Sarah says:

    I think Katie wins.

    Mine – I vacillate between wanting to write memoir style things and abhorring the idea of sharing personal details.

  20. Hmm.. My oldest son (2 years) and I like to hide in the closet and make each other laugh.. making shapes in the shadows or playing in the clothes…

  21. Jacqueline says:

    the quirkiest thing about our family is most likely our eating habits. we’re all gluten free, one of us is lactose free and one of us is egg and poultry free. yeah, we’re totally everyone’s favorite family to have over for dinner or a party. 😉

  22. Jacqueline says:

    I shared the giveaway on facebook. :)

  23. i’ve wanted one of your family portraits since the first time i saw them! so here we go….. hmmmm, quirky…..ugh, we’re really pretty boring. however, my boys love to play restaurant. they literally set up a full blown restaurant with tables, chairs, hand written menus, and play food. they invite us in and then feed us. after dinner there’s a “show” with many acts that they put together and plan themselves. they also use their walkie talkies for a “loud speaker” to announce things to the patrons. 😉 not sure if that counts for quirky, but it sure is cute! 😉

  24. Love this giveaway! Quirky abounds in our home, from my toddler’s obsession with hiding and pooping in closets (he’s in diapers! no worries)to our posthumously named cat Luscious Lou Volberding II.