drip drop ocean

definitely, one of the best parts of living in the pacific northwest.
the ocean…
i love the way the water is filled with salt, the way the sand sucks your foot in and the way the air smells.
and fish. let’s not forget the fish.
i love you, ocean.
tell me something about where you live…
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3 responses to “drip drop ocean”

  1. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Great pic! I love the ocean too :)

  2. HowryFamily says:

    Hello! Came over from Fabulous k’s blog… LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!

  3. MissKArt says:

    Great blog! Very fun :) Didn’t know Portland was all about bikes. Luv the bike pic by the way :) Funny photo of u too. lol

    My e-mail: kmiller@artlover.com