because i don’t do it enough, and also because i love you.
i am doing a giveaway for a custom blog button.
what’s a blog button?

well its a button for you blog (duh) that you can use to get the word out about…well..your blog.
You can put it on your blog, and other’s can put it on their blog.
all around… a good time.
SO here are the deets.
one lucky winner will be chosen on April 15th by 8pm Pacific time.
to enter, there are 3 options, WORD!
1.) leave a comment, and tell me why your blog needs a button
2.) become a follower of @mylittlebuffalo on twitter. pssst –> its on the right sidebar
3.) become a follower of my blog, because it feels nice to have people read your thoughts.
ok, ready set, ENTER

65 responses to “GIVEAWAY!”

  1. eeeek! I know that we’re working together already & I get a button, but I also need an ad button! so maybe this could count? :)

  2. I already follow you on Twitter.

  3. & I already follow your blog via Google Reader.

  4. Savannah says:

    following you on twitter now

  5. Savannah says:

    and already following your blog

  6. Savannah says:

    my blog needs a button because, well..i don’t have one, and when i tried to make one the results were just sad..not my forte

  7. Meg says:

    oooo! my blog needs a new button, well, because i know the one you would make would be way more appealing than the one i managed.

  8. Meg says:

    & i follow you on twitter :)

  9. Meg says:

    & i follow your blog of course

  10. Sarah says:

    Well, I need a button because I don’t have one! I mean, isn’t that the best reason? :)

  11. Mama23Bears says:

    my blog needs a whole lotta everything! it’s new and has lots of blahness about it! i NEED it!

  12. Mama23Bears says:

    following you on twitter as nlay

  13. Lindsey says:

    I follow on twitter…

  14. Lindsey says:

    and in google reader!

  15. Lindsey says:

    I need a blog button because I don’t have one…and my button creating skills are pretty terrible!

  16. crush. blog says:

    we’d love a featured on.. button for features to be able to grab from our sidebar!!

  17. crush. blog says:

    following you on twitter @crush_blog

  18. Katie says:

    Hi Lisa– my husband Nick (who you worked with in MI!) introduced me to your blog, and since then I’ve been a follower. I love your creative, unique, design skills! I would looove a blog button designed by YOU. First, because I really want to wholeheartedly pursue the world of blogging, and so I feel like I need to move beyond the basic blogspot template. Second, because I just like your style and would be so happy to see some of that style on my own page :)

  19. Sarah says:

    Oh, and I’m following you on twitter now, too @tygerlotus

  20. crush. blog says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. crush. blog says:

    following you on GFC!

    also do you have ala cart prices becuase if we win a button, we are going to want to order a few more to go with it. :)

  22. Sarah says:

    Hey, I’m following your blog, too! Hi!

  23. Um, yes – I need one! I actually am getting one made soon, but I love your butons and I have an idea for a second bloggy thing that I would need a button for. So please? :)

  24. I started following you on Twitter recently – I’m @thesweetpetunia

  25. Now I’m following you, too. :)

  26. Sal says:

    I am following you on twitter and your blog! Reason why I want a button is….because everyone has one and I am getting jealous.

  27. Brigitte says:

    I’m already a twitter follower @covetchicago.
    I need a button! And everything I design myself takes AGES because I’m not a designer. :)

  28. Twitter, done. Blog following, done. I need a button because there’s just only so much yammering and jaw-jacking that a yammering jaw-jacker like myself can do to promote this thing. Plus, I know you’ll make it pretty and I’ll just seem so cool.

  29. Three Owls says:

    This is at the top of my list… well, two lists actually… the list of things I want, and the list of things I can’t figure out how to do… and I love your illustrations… such sweetness!

  30. Emily says:

    I would love to have a blog button on my blog! It would totally make me complete as a REAL blogger!

    I follow you on Twitter. I’m @Fettbot. I also follow your blog!

  31. Mindy says:

    My blog needs a button because it is button-less and I don’t know how to make one!

  32. Mindy says:

    I follow you on Twitter now

  33. Mindy says:

    I follow your blog too!

  34. Following you on twitter! My blog really needs a button because I am in the midst of a blog revamp and what you can do is way more snazzy than what I can think I can do.

  35. Following you on twitter

  36. I need a blog button.I want my blog to have unique and adorable sitesfor my followers as well as make my blog prettier and that is one pretty blog button! :)

  37. I’m following your blog you witty girl!

  38. I was wondering how those buttons get made! I wouldn’t have any idea how to make one for myself – I’m a new blogger and would love to have a button, but really, I don’t think anyone would take it and use it… 😉 No big deal… Following your blog and twitter – I’m at and @nanreflections

  39. thursday says:

    My blog needs a button because she doesn’t have one now and it makes her so sad. Help a bloggy out!?

  40. Michelle says:

    My blog doesn’t need a button. My blog *wants* a button!! I would love one of yours. Your work is so lovely!

  41. Michelle says:

    Following on Twitta’!

  42. My blog is called It has how I try to live my life raising 3 boys and working nights as a Pediatric ICU nurse in SF. I am now a big fan of blogging as and I love it as a media source. I am working on getting the word out about my blog. PLEASE HELP!!! I will follow you…….I am on twitter as nocnurse12

  43. 50centlove says:

    I designed my own button I don’t think it is good enough. Its not eye-catching. I like your work. It looks hand-drawn, natural, and fresh! Like Fresh Prince! :o)

  44. 50centlove says:

    Following your blog now too. Man, I really need to take leadership classes.

  45. Amanda says:

    I need a button…because I need a button. You know, so my parents can showcase me on their FB pages. Haha! I have faithful followers, too. About 12 of them. 😉

  46. Amanda says:

    I already follow you on Twitter…thanks to the introduction of your site by the fabulous Miss Gussy.

  47. Amanda says:

    And now I’m a follower. Didn’t see it down there at the bottom before. :) {Love your work and your blog!}

  48. Candace says:

    oh goodness. i better get in on this. trying to drive mre traffic to my blog & a button would be fabulous!

  49. Candace says:

    Following you on twitter. :)

  50. Sue says:

    I’m following you over in the twitter-verse and here in the blog-O-sphere too. I must admit that I’m kind of addicted to blog buttons. I think that I may love them even more than facebook flair.


  51. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to win this!!!

  52. Elizabeth says:

    I follow you on Twitter! (freckledfancies)

  53. Elizabeth says:

    I follow your blog!

  54. Mommafo says:

    I NEED A BUTTON!!!!!!!! I’ve always wanted one and just haven’t had the extra $$$ to have one done. 😀 😀 😀

  55. Mommafo says:

    I’m a twitter follower 😀

  56. Mommafo says:

    AAAND I follow your blog.

  57. Kim says:

    my blog needs a button because i try and use microsoft word for buttons. sad? yes. absolutely.

  58. Kim says:

    follower of your blog

  59. Kim says:

    and following on twitter :)

  60. okay so i already follow you on twitter

  61. …and your blog is in my reader, does that count?

  62. Megan says:

    Ooo! I want a free button! And you know I need one because this mama doesn’t do design…

  63. Megan says:

    And I follow you on Twitter!

  64. Danielle says:

    I just switched over to self-hosting and my own dot com, and totally need a new button for my new look!