my little buffalo = quirky

i feel like i am a pretty quirky person. I mean for the most part…
but sometimes I have a hard time thinking of quirky little sayings to put on my cards.
i may think of something, and think its really cute, and then come to find out, it wasn’t at all…
anyways i made this giraffe today with this cute quirky saying next to it. what do you think?
maybe you could help me ? :)
lots of fun events this weekend, include my church’s DIY fair, which is taking place tomorrow.
I have some new christmas cards in the shop as well, so take a peak!

One response to “my little buffalo = quirky”

  1. Megara says:

    this is adorable… it says to me that you think i’m a little too tall and my ears are slightly too big, but that it the look works on me and you like it. i also think that maybe there’s a joke that i’m missing, which makes it seem smart and entertaining. excellent work!
    ps, i love giraffes, and the drawing is wonderful.