secret ingredient to parenting

why didn’t anyone fill me in on the secret ingredient of parenting?
COFFEE, i’ve never liked the stuff, could barely swallow it down, I just figured it wasn’t worth the taste.

well, as a parent, it is WELL worth putting up with the taste.
one minute, I am laying beside Haddie, barely awake, using all of my energy to dangle a toy in front of her face.

I drink some coffee, and in the next minute I am having a dance party with her and getting big belly laughs.

i only drank half a cup.
oh boy, ladies and gents, we’re in for a wild ride.

5 responses to “secret ingredient to parenting”

  1. cranny + b says:

    I had to smile as I read this, because I can totally relate, although my caffeine drug of choice is chai : ) When I drink coffee, it’s more like drinking a little coffee with my cream : ) But yes, caffeine is a parent’s friend– I seriously get out of bed and head straight for my chai in the morning!

  2. Leslie says:

    Ha ha, I was never a regular coffee drinker until Anna was born and now I’m obsessed! It’s funny how having kids changes everything, right? I recommend the Silk soy vanilla creamer – delicious!

  3. Sarah-Anne says:

    too funny. i wonder if the same will happen to me, coffee hater!