Snap to

I have a design focus on this rainy night in which I am alone, well besides for Abe the cat, who loves to vocalize the woes that only he can know himself.
My focus tonight: the kitchen.
I’ve started thinking about cute artwork for the kitchen. We all spend a majority of our time there. Sleepy mornings as we stumble to get those bran flakes, or coffee:

Wouldn’t this art print solve all of those sluggish mornings?
No? Well how about this one.

3 responses to “Snap to”

  1. Lisa, those rock! I’d love a collection of your prints! Seriously… make us something? :)

    haha… coffee. your favorite morning friend. right behind coffee-breath <3


  2. silvia says:

    i need a coffee , please, but not only in the morning , i need it every time ^_^
    your prints are soooooo cute !!!

  3. Megs says:

    these are adorable lisa! i would love one of these in my kitchen! :)