the same, but different

just toying around with some ideas for a friend’s nursery. which one is your favorite?
its been a busy last few weeks here in my neck of the woods.
tonight was especially nice though, as it was a night of relaxation and good food cooked by my chef/husband :)
started reading a book called The History of Love. good so far. Pretty much if you include an elderly person in the plot, I’m in.
my eyelids are falling and its only 9:51? how is that so? Darn you daylight savings…
oh well, g’night <3

One response to “the same, but different”

  1. Megara says:

    hi! i found your blog from the megs’s feature on “what just happened?” and i love it – i love your stationary too! you are too cute :) i look forward to reading more (& nice to meet you).
    xo meg