Wedding Invitation Set GIVEAWAY!

I have finally finished and listed the four wedding invitation collections that I have been working hard on lately.  Their are now available for purchase in my etsy shop!   I hope that you all will enjoy being able to print your own wedding stationery therefore cutting the costs!
Since I’m so jazzed about these collections I am giving away a set of your choosing to one lucky reader.  

Required: leave 1 comment below sharing your favorite memory of a wedding you attended!
Optional: share this giveaway with your friends. Leave one (1) comment below letting us know how you did this, through twitter, facebook, a link on your blog, etc.
The winner will be selected at random on Friday, July 27, 2012 and will be announced at the top of this post.

Happy Monday :)

9 responses to “Wedding Invitation Set GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Erika R says:

    I haven’t been to lots of weddings yet since all of my friends are just now in the “everyone get engaged” stage of life. But! I did just go to a wedding on Saturday and was able to re-connect with a best friend that I sadly lost touch with nearly 5 years ago. I didn’t know that she was going to be in the wedding, so it was such a sweet surprise when we were able to catch up a bit.

  2. Erika R says:

    I posted on my Stitched Simplicity Facebook page :)

  3. esthere says:

    I just attended a wedding last weekend where they included the Korean-American tradition of “Honoring the Parents” during the ceremony. I have seen this custom performed countless times, and yet, just like every other time, I was moved to tears witnessing the couple hug both sets of parents! It was truly a beautiful moment where everyone in attendance could see how much the couple loved their parents!

  4. chelsea says:

    I attended a December wedding last year. The bride was a close friend of mine and her dad is extremely reserved and quiet. After walking her down the isle, right before he gave her away, he kissed her on the hand and his hands were shaky. It was the moment that made me cry. It was so sweet!

  5. chelsea says:

    I shared your link on my twitter page!

  6. shahida bawa says:

    My best wedding memory is yet to come because my wedding is in May 2013!!!! lol butttt, as a bridesmaids, i remember being so so happy to stand by my best friend as she wed the man if her dreams!

  7. Pie says:

    My favorite wedding moment so far was a wedding in Phoenix where the venue hosted both my friend’s wedding and the Comicon convention. Such a funny mixture of formal attire and comic book characters running around. It was fantastic!

  8. Jwolff says:

    My favorite (and only) wedding memory was from my roommates wedding. At the end of the night, everyone lined up outside of the venue and lit sparklers to send the newly weds off in a tunnel of lights. It was like something from a fairy tale; it was so perfect!

  9. Jwolff says:

    I shared your link on my twitter page!